Traveling Exhibit

The exhibit today…

…and what it will look like down the road!

The traveling exhibit offers a safe and engaging place for visitors to consider what death, dying, and life mean to them.

(Please note there are no events scheduled in 2017)

Visitors to the exhibit can…

  • Listen to first-person audio stories – 50 stories on a repeating 90-minute loop
  • Explore end-of-life resources from organizations in their community
  • Attend a workshop or community discussion with local leaders in end-of-life care
  • Add their bucket list goals to our massive chalkboard
  • Bring what they learn and experience back to their home and community

Our goal is to offer everyone who enters the exhibit a comfortable place to consider what death means to them, and how death might inform the way that they live. The audio stories – true stories that are funny, sad, thoughtful, simple, complex, and heartfelt – are complemented by community dialogues, workshops, related resources, and contemplative hands-on activities.

Today the exhibit is housed in big white tents that travel from community to community, and stays in each location for several days. By setting up on ‘Main Street,’ we hope to encourage participation from a large cross section of a community. Community partners from the area contribute resources and volunteers, and continue to provide information and support once the exhibit leaves town.

What was useful, helpful, informative, or inspiring? Visitors say…

“I learned that laughter, humor and fun need to be attended to just like the food, financials, drivers and medications are.”

“The Death & Documents workshop was excellent with great specific information.”

“The thought that preparing for and reflecting on death can bring more value and wonder to life.”

“Many communities should offer this! Thank you!”

Down the road, we will be housed in a museum-quality mobile trailer like the one depicted in the video above. Building the full traveling exhibit is our main focus at the Wake up to Dying Project. Please support us so we can get the show on the road!

Contact us – – 802-793-9111

See us in action! Video from the 2016 Traveling Exhibit in Burlington, VT

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