We’re in the Same Boat

A man talks about what it felt like to receive a life-threatening diagnosis, and one thing it made him realize…

Going Home

A story about a decision to leave the hospital and go home on hospice…and some parting words of experience from a caring nurse.

We Are Vulnerable

A chaplain talks about some of the amazing lessons that can occur at the end of life…for the dying and the living.

Sorrow vs Grief

In this segment, a man describes the difference between the nature of grief and sorrow.

Death Realization

Despite a strong commitment to her health, a woman with cystic fibrosis talks about what happens when she realizes, for REAL, that she will probably one day die of this disease.

All the Junk Fell Away

A woman talks about time spent in the hospital with her husband who was dying of cancer, and she describes how their relationships changed through his illness.

Too Young For This

Terminal illness only happens to other people, and usually to old people. In this story, a young woman describes her shock at realizing it can happen to anyone.

Can You Send That Picture?

Sometimes it’s the very small things we remember…and regret.

I’d Have Died Sooner

A woman learns a great deal about her husband after suffering a near fatal cardiac arrest.

Separate Journeys

A woman describes a late night conversation with her husband, who is dying, about their pending separation.

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