Professional Caregivers

Touch the Lips

A grandmother’s way of saying goodbye to her granddaughter. No words required.

Going Home

A story about a decision to leave the hospital and go home on hospice…and some parting words of experience from a caring nurse.

Hard Family Decisions

Even with a clear advance directive in place, making a decision to not extend life for a loved one can be profoundly difficult. In this story, a physician describes one such case, and he offers thoughts about how we might plan for this challenge.


A story from a palliative care physician about one family’s thoughtful approach to the death of their new baby.

A Nurse Oversees Her Father’s Care

In this longer story, a palliative care nurse describes how she’d hoped to just be ‘the daughter’ at the time of her own father’s death. But she finds herself overseeing his care, and realizing how little understood dying is–even in the hospital.

First Call

A chaplain describes his very first night at the hospital, and what he learns…

Accepting vs. Controlling

This is a segment about common reactions to life limiting diagnoses, and the seesaw between acceptance and control.

A Knitting Story

Last conversations don’t always involve a lot of talking…

Meeting It Or Beating It

What is the difference between ‘meeting’ a life threatening diagnosis and ‘beating’ it?

Do Not Resuscitate…?

A palliative care nurse describes the difficulties of agreeing to a Do Not Resuscitate order, and what it can mean if there ISN’T one…

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