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Backyard Funeral

A rabbi describes an intimate backyard burial service among family.

He Was Still There

A woman describes the moment of her partner’s death, then the palpable sense that ‘he was still there’ in the house, in the hours after his death.

Creative Healing

A pediatric palliative care physician describes how families find creative ways to come to terms with excruciating loss.

Soul Transformation

One woman’s thoughts about what happens to the soul after death.


A story about the Jewish tradition of Tahara, the ritual purification of a body before burial.

Meeting My Father At His Funeral

Her father died when she was eight, and there was much she didn’t know about this man. The funeral offered her an opportunity to meet parts of her father for the first time.


A story from a palliative care physician about one family’s thoughtful approach to the death of their new baby.

All the Junk Fell Away

A woman talks about time spent in the hospital with her husband who was dying of cancer, and she describes how their relationships changed through his illness.

A New Spirituality

A woman talks about a spirituality, or faith, that she found while she was grieving her lost husband…and it has stayed with her.

A Hospital Baptism

When it became clear the baby would not survive, his family organized a baptism in the hospital…

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