House Party Mash-Up 11.20.13

Another great mash-up from a house party held here in Montpelier on November 20. Some marvelous insights about what can be learned from death, and preparedness.

More House Party Mash-Up…

We have another House Party Mash-Up audio to share with you. Again, 23 adventurous people came out to hear about an organization with the word “Dying” in its title. Who says we don’t want to talk about death and dying? Here’s what these brave folks said.
Nina at HP

Also of Note:
There’s a new show coming out on Showtime next month called Time of Death. Learn more about it here.

And an article titled Death is Having a Moment was just posted on the Atlantic Monthly website. See it here.

Wake Up to Dying House Party Mash-Up – 11.1.13

Here’s another collection of short stories and comments from some good folks who came to a house party in early November. They share some ideas about the value of living with death more in mind, and they also talked about some potential benefits of this awareness and action campaign. Enjoy and let us know us know what you think.

Wake Up to Dying House Party Mash-Up – 10.9.13

We’re back with another house party mash-up! We brought a group of excellent folks together in Montpelier, Vermont and introduced the project. We want to shout out our thanks for their time and their insights. We asked them the question, ‘If you lived with death more in mind, would you do anything differently in your life?’ Here’s some of what they said.

Wake Up to Dying House Party Mash-Up – 9.25.13

On September 25th, 2013, a good group of friends came together to learn more about The Wake Up to Dying Project. We asked them…”Given the fact that we all die, what might you want to change in your life?” Here is what they said.


House Party Mash-Up 11.6.13

We had a lovely house party in Shelburne in early November. This special group of people came together to remember a friend they lost just over a year ago, and to learn more about the Wake Up To Dying Project. Friends, caregivers and medical professionals shared their thoughts with us at the end of the night. Here is some of what they said.

House Party Mash-Up 11.21.13

Here’ a mash-up from a house party in Burlington. Thanks to all who shared stories with us!

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