Living Life

Denial River

After surviving breast cancer treatment, a woman receives news that her heart is failing and she could die at any time. This is a story about how she lives with this daily uncertainty.

We Are Vulnerable

A chaplain talks about some of the amazing lessons that can occur at the end of life…for the dying and the living.

Death Realization

Despite a strong commitment to her health, a woman with cystic fibrosis talks about what happens when she realizes, for REAL, that she will probably one day die of this disease.


Living with cystic fibrosis has been an enormous part of her identity…and in some ways it has been empowering.

Live Your Life

A woman living with a life threatening heart condition talks about how it impacts the way she lives every day.

Acts of Kindness

In this story, a man talks about how a life threatening diagnosis made him rethink his spiritual life.

I Catch Myself Smiling

A few words about gratitude by a young woman who has seen a good deal of loss.

I’m Not a Survivor

A woman who is living with a life threatening diagnosis explains why she is not a ‘survivor’.

The Point is to Love

After the death of her husband, one thing became very clear to her…

Meeting It Or Beating It

What is the difference between ‘meeting’ a life threatening diagnosis and ‘beating’ it?

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