How People Let Go

A former hospice worker talks about the different ways people approach death, and what it has to do with the way they lived life.

I Remember

A young woman looks back at the death of her father, when she was eight years old. She describes the small details she remembers from that time.

My Father’s Death

A son describes his father’s final moments.

They’re Waiting for You

At end of life, often people will see loved ones who have already died. A chaplain describes one such story.

The Birthday Party

Just before the death of her father, a young girl and her mother go to the store to pick out balloons for a final birthday party…

A Nurse Oversees Her Father’s Care

In this longer story, a palliative care nurse describes how she’d hoped to just be ‘the daughter’ at the time of her own father’s death. But she finds herself overseeing his care, and realizing how little understood dying is–even in the hospital.

He Wanted to talk about Basketball

A chaplain describes her conversations about basketball with a boy nearing death. Why basketball…?

Death is Hard Work

A segment about the mysterious and challenging process of dying.

Nights are the Hardest

A brother describes one small moment of regret in taking care of his brother.

Go to the Light!

A story about a mother’s words of encouragement at her son’s deathbed.

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