We’re in the Same Boat

A man talks about what it felt like to receive a life-threatening diagnosis, and one thing it made him realize…

Dying Gracefully

A man describes his best friend’s graceful approach to death, employing Act 39 (legislation in Vermont that allows eligible Vermonters with terminal diseases the option to be prescribed medication that will hasten the end of their life).

He Was Still There

A woman describes the moment of her partner’s death, then the palpable sense that ‘he was still there’ in the house, in the hours after his death.

Denial River

After surviving breast cancer treatment, a woman receives news that her heart is failing and she could die at any time. This is a story about how she lives with this daily uncertainty.

Grandmother’s Hand

A man tells the story of a hand held at the time of death.

Going Home

A story about a decision to leave the hospital and go home on hospice…and some parting words of experience from a caring nurse.

We Are Vulnerable

A chaplain talks about some of the amazing lessons that can occur at the end of life…for the dying and the living.

Hard Family Decisions

Even with a clear advance directive in place, making a decision to not extend life for a loved one can be profoundly difficult. In this story, a physician describes one such case, and he offers thoughts about how we might plan for this challenge.

His Death

This is a mother’s story about the loss of her newborn baby…its intense difficulties and the surprisingly beautiful moment of his actual death.

A Wedding for Dad

Sometimes people who are near death have something they need done or said before they can let go. Maybe it’s a shed that needs cleaning out. Or a few words that need saying. In this story, a former hospice worker tells the story of one family’s unfinished business.

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