Touch the Lips

A grandmother’s way of saying goodbye to her granddaughter. No words required.

All the Junk Fell Away

A woman talks about time spent in the hospital with her husband who was dying of cancer, and she describes how their relationships changed through his illness.

My Father’s Death

A son describes his father’s final moments.

Saying Goodbye To Mom

Three sons gather in the hospital chapel to say goodbye to their mother.

He Wanted to talk about Basketball

A chaplain describes her conversations about basketball with a boy nearing death. Why basketball…?

Grief Group

Her father died when she was a girl. In this story, she talks about her grief group. It was a place she could rest for a minute…where there was color and light in a dark time.

Go to the Light!

A story about a mother’s words of encouragement at her son’s deathbed.

A Knitting Story

Last conversations don’t always involve a lot of talking…

Tell Me About Your Dad

Families often face tough choices at the end of a loved one’s life. This is a segment about how stories can serve as a great ‘orienting’ tool at this difficult time.

Waiting for the Bus

It’s sometimes hard to know what to say to someone with a life threatening disease. Here’s a story about one thing you might avoid saying….!

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