No More Lasagna

A young woman is picking out food to take to a friend who just lost her brother. She recommends they avoid lasagna…

Backyard Funeral

A rabbi describes an intimate backyard burial service among family.


This is a story about the nature of receiving visitors as a dying person. According to Bill, some of his visitors are overly cheery, some too emotional, but in the end, all were appreciated.

Meeting My Father At His Funeral

Her father died when she was eight, and there was much she didn’t know about this man. The funeral offered her an opportunity to meet parts of her father for the first time.

What’s Helpful

What do you say to someone who has lost a loved one? In this story, a woman talks about what was helpful, and NOT helpful, when she was grieving the loss of her husband.

Being Authentic

A Buddhist nun and hospice volunteer describes the power of honesty and authenticity at the time of death.

First Call

A chaplain describes his very first night at the hospital, and what he learns…

Park Cars

A chaplain describes his definition of ‘chaplain’: Show up. Be helpful.

People Want to Help

A woman describes her community’s reaction to her life threatening diagnosis.

Let’s Talk About Other Things

This storyteller took care of her partner until the end of her life. In this segment, she talks about times when she needed friends to help her feel ‘normal’.

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