Seven Months Later

A mother talks about the surprising arc of grief after the loss of her baby.

Creative Healing

A pediatric palliative care physician describes how families find creative ways to come to terms with excruciating loss.

Meeting My Father At His Funeral

Her father died when she was eight, and there was much she didn’t know about this man. The funeral offered her an opportunity to meet parts of her father for the first time.


A story from a palliative care physician about one family’s thoughtful approach to the death of their new baby.

His Death

This is a mother’s story about the loss of her newborn baby…its intense difficulties and the surprisingly beautiful moment of his actual death.

Pet Death and Children

Animal euthanasia is part of the job for most veterinarians. This vet often does euthanizing in the comfort of the animal’s home. In this short story, he talks about children’s reactions he’s witnessed over the years.


Living with cystic fibrosis has been an enormous part of her identity…and in some ways it has been empowering.

I Remember

A young woman looks back at the death of her father, when she was eight years old. She describes the small details she remembers from that time.

A Hospital Baptism

When it became clear the baby would not survive, his family organized a baptism in the hospital…

The Birthday Party

Just before the death of her father, a young girl and her mother go to the store to pick out balloons for a final birthday party…

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