Buckets of Lipstick

His mother has dementia and lives in an residential care facility…this is a story about love and lipstick, flamboyance, and fitting in with the Joneses. Or not…

Humor Detail

A woman who receives a life threatening diagnosis puts a care team together comprised of friends, and one important task is….humor.


This is a story about the nature of receiving visitors as a dying person. According to Bill, some of his visitors are overly cheery, some too emotional, but in the end, all were appreciated.

Going Home

A story about a decision to leave the hospital and go home on hospice…and some parting words of experience from a caring nurse.

A Wedding for Dad

Sometimes people who are near death have something they need done or said before they can let go. Maybe it’s a shed that needs cleaning out. Or a few words that need saying. In this story, a former hospice worker tells the story of one family’s unfinished business.

My Father’s Death

A son describes his father’s final moments.

I’d Have Died Sooner

A woman learns a great deal about her husband after suffering a near fatal cardiac arrest.

Being Authentic

A Buddhist nun and hospice volunteer describes the power of honesty and authenticity at the time of death.

She Feels Me

A story about how an older man takes care of his beloved wife who has dementia.

Caretaking and Profound Resignation

A son describes caring for his aging mother as he himself is struggling with an illness. He wants to care for her well, but also he experiences frustration at not having his own time to rest.

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