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Audio Stories

These are excerpts from interviews that Erica has conducted with people about death and dying… and life. They are the building blocks for the audio in our traveling exhibit. Please enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments section. And share them with your friends!

Denial River

After surviving breast cancer treatment, a woman receives news that her heart is failing and she could die at any time. This is a story about how she lives with this daily uncertainty.

Grandmother’s Hand

A man tells the story of a hand held at the time of death.

Creative Healing

A pediatric palliative care physician describes how families find creative ways to come to terms with excruciating loss.

Soul Transformation

One woman’s thoughts about what happens to the soul after death.

Life Hereafter

A woman describes her Christian belief in the Hereafter and how it impacts her feelings about death.

Going Home

A story about a decision to leave the hospital and go home on hospice…and some parting words of experience from a caring nurse.


A story about the Jewish tradition of Tahara, the ritual purification of a body before burial.

Meeting My Father At His Funeral

Her father died when she was eight, and there was much she didn’t know about this man. The funeral offered her an opportunity to meet parts of her father for the first time.

We Are Vulnerable

A chaplain talks about some of the amazing lessons that can occur at the end of life…for the dying and the living.

Hard Family Decisions

Even with a clear advance directive in place, making a decision to not extend life for a loved one can be profoundly difficult. In this story, a physician describes one such case, and he offers thoughts about how we might plan for this challenge.

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