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Audio Stories

These are excerpts from interviews that Erica has conducted with people about death and dying… and life. They are the building blocks for the audio in our traveling exhibit. Please enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments section. And share them with your friends!

Touch the Lips

A grandmother’s way of saying goodbye to her granddaughter. No words required.

We’re in the Same Boat

A man talks about what it felt like to receive a life-threatening diagnosis, and one thing it made him realize…

Buckets of Lipstick

His mother has dementia and lives in an residential care facility…this is a story about love and lipstick, flamboyance, and fitting in with the Joneses. Or not…

No More Lasagna

A young woman is picking out food to take to a friend who just lost her brother. She recommends they avoid lasagna…

Seven Months Later

A mother talks about the surprising arc of grief after the loss of her baby.

Humor Detail

A woman who receives a life threatening diagnosis puts a care team together comprised of friends, and one important task is….humor.

Dying Gracefully

A man describes his best friend’s graceful approach to death, employing Act 39 (legislation in Vermont that allows eligible Vermonters with terminal diseases the option to be prescribed medication that will hasten the end of their life).

Backyard Funeral

A rabbi describes an intimate backyard burial service among family.


This is a story about the nature of receiving visitors as a dying person. According to Bill, some of his visitors are overly cheery, some too emotional, but in the end, all were appreciated.

He Was Still There

A woman describes the moment of her partner’s death, then the palpable sense that ‘he was still there’ in the house, in the hours after his death.

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