There Will Be No Wake Up to Dying Events This Year…

Hello! Thank you for visiting our site. We will not be holding any events in 2017. After a good run we have decided to close our doors. However, our audio stories will live on! You will be able to listen to our stories for many years to come. For now they are on this website and soon they will be hosted at a new home. To be announced soon. Stay tuned!!

Thank you all for all you have done to help us encourage thoughtful conversations about death, dying and life!

With gratitude,


2 comments on “There Will Be No Wake Up to Dying Events This Year…
  1. Joanne Flynn says:

    Hello Nina,

    I’ve not thought much about the Wake Up to Dying Project since a year ago, but now that I’ve just started the 11-week training to be a Hospice volunteer, of course your ambitious project came to my mind. I recall my wonderful experience participating in several aspects of the days in Burlington with much gratitude. It is rather shocking to learn that you’ve “closed your doors”. What happened, and do you foresee ever starting up again?

    I did receive the “help me remember” card in December 2016, as I’d requested, and it’s displayed on my kitchen cabinet to remind me daily to focus on the joy of every day.

    Thank you for all you have done,


    • Nina says:

      Thank you for your kind words Joanne! We will be passing off various parts of our programing so that they will live on. For example, you will always be able to find our audio stories by doing a search for our name – The Wake Up to Dying Project. For now they will remain on our website but soon another non-profit doing end of life work will be hosting them.

      I will also personally continue to do what I can to inspire people to consider the fact that we die so that it can enrich the way we live. And die. It’s my passion.

      AND, I am very glad to hear that you are going to be a hospice volunteer. It is such important and transformative work!

      Feel free to reach out directly if you like. For now, you can find me at

      Take good care,


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