We’re Gonna Die – meet Nina after the Boston show

Last night we had the fantastic opportunity to see We’re Gonna Die by Young Jean Lee at the Oberon Theater in Cambridge, MA. What a show! Actress Obehi Janice captivated the audience with her engaging, heartfelt storytelling, and the musical acts were tremendous too.

WUTD Founder and Executive Director Nina Thompson will participate in the post-show chat following the Sunday (4/24) matinee. Along with Dr. Robert Riethmiller of the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, Nina will discuss how people might approach difficult conversations through humor and shared experience.

If you can’t attend the chat, here are three stories from our archive that blend humor with the gravity of this shared human experience:

A Knitting Story – A new chaplain tries to find a way to connect with a woman who is dying….and is able to laugh at her approach.

First Call – Another chaplain story – it’s his first night on call and it’s a doozy, and this guy is funny!

Go to the Light – This one gets the audience laughing, and connecting with each other, every time. We won’t tell you more than that…

We’re Gonna Die runs through Friday, April 29. Get your tickets now!

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