Past Event – Full Circle Festival Roundup – April, 2014

Before I Die Wall

We had a great weekend at the festival in Burlington last month! It was our first showing of the Before I Die chalkboard, and people had PLENTY to say about what they want to do before they die. Some examples:

  • Fall in love
  • Get my kidney transplant
  • Retire
  • Leave earth’s atmosphere
  • Be 80 and still dancing…

The boards kept filling up and filling up again. It was great fun to watch.

The storytelling event was also a big hit, with over 180 people in the audience. We’ve got a sampling of the stories on Youtube if you’d like to take a look, and a listen. You can find them here.

Big thanks again to Jen Dole, our storytelling event host. She was dazzling as ever. And of course we’d like to thank all our generous donors who made the weekend possible. It was a roaring success!


Nina and Erica

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